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Lucy Lawrence



My name is Lucy and I love to design and make unique pieces of Wire Art for your home and to wear. I want to explore the possibilities of my wire work as an art form and see how I can develop my style into the future.

My unique Wire Art pictures include quirky sheep, flowers and snails and a selection of Love Spoons inspired by the Welsh love token. Individually designed jewellery made using wirework with gemstones and pearls will add the finishing touch to your outfit.

Find out what I am working on at the moment and see my next exhibition pieces by following me on social media.   



Although wind and sand swept at the Swansea Air Show my jewellery still looks great!

Country Garden Flower earrings With Amethyst.

Rainbow Coloured Wire Wrapped Rings

Country Garden Flower Earrings with Keshi Pearls

Infinity Series - Small Heart Earrings in Turquoise .